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Posted - 10/12/2009 :  08:50:36  Show Profile
La consulta era que tengo varias tarjetas RB433 de mikrotik con el firm 3.10 y queria saber si deberia actualizarlo, de donde puedo sacar el firm y que mejoras o soluciones importantes tiene.

Gracias saludos


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Posted - 10/12/2009 :  10:18:31  Show Profile te aconsejo instalar este firmware.

Esto lo que ha cambiado:

What's new in 3.30:

*) added connection-rate matcher;
*) receiving too large frame (>1540 bytes) does not hang ether1 on RB4xx;
*) fixed ping - value of 'src-address' was ignored since 3.23;
*) api - limited maximum allowed word length to 65536;
*) fixed IPv6 Router Solicitation message handling;
*) special-login - port could remain used by 'special-login' even after
user logged out. fixed;
*) bonding in active-backup mode and arp link monitoring works when no switch
between endpoints;
*) routing, routing-test - fixed route redistribution crash;
*) ups - show voltage in .01V units;
*) console - 'torch' and 'wireless scan' commands have new argument
'duration' that approximately limits running time of the command;
*) api - 'torch' and 'wireless scan' commands now return same values
in '!re' responses as in console (before they didn't return
anything), '.proplist' is also correctly handled;
*) fixed problem - sometimes netinstall did not show new software id;
*) added support for BGP aggregates from IGP routes;
*) user manager - no backup for deleted logs;

What's new in 3.29:

*) fixed problem - local bandwith test could take all the CPU to itself
not allowing other tasks to run;

What's new in 3.28:

*) fixed hotspot problem - on multi-processor systems it was not possible
to set IP address for hotspot client during login - deadlock did happen;
*) fixed hotspot problem - it was possible for hotspot to spike CPU usage
to 100% and not to accept new logins during that time;
*) added ethernet broadcast support for WakeOnLan tool;
*) api - value of 'comment' property was only returned from 'system' package
*) to see actual values of sensitive configuration parameters (such as
passwords), user needs to possess policy 'sensitive';
*) avoid problems with western time zones by always advancing clock on
startup past january 2st 1970, 00:00:00 UTC;
*) added 'run-after-reset' argument to 'reset-configuration' command. It
allows to specify name of console scriptss file to run after the
configuration reset reboots the router. When this argument is used any
other default configuration scriptsss are ignored.
*) route - fixed a crash;
*) routing-test - fixed OSPF routing table calculation;
*) send keepalives every 30s (was 3 min) on ppp clients - make some 3G connections
more stable;
*) routing-test - changed BGP network and default-originate behaviour;
*) web proxy - allow to edit error page;
*) console - terminal window size change now does not trigger full terminal
*) mesh protocol - improved loop prevention (becomes incompatible with earlier versions);

What's new in 3.27:

*) fixed memory leak in DNS;

What's new in 3.26:

*) fixed hotspot problem - deadlock was possible on multi-processor routers;
*) fixed problem - it was possible for RouterBOARD to loose configuration
after upgrade to RouterOS version 3.25;
*) added MetaROUTER support on RB1000;
*) using pptp and eoip tunnels simultaneously could crash router;
*) api - "comment" property was not accessible, fixed;
*) console, api - fixed handling of decimal fractions in time interval values;
*) bonding interfaces could sometimes disappear after reboot;
*) changed mesh protocol to send routing packets to broadcast address;
*) automaticly add ppp client interface when GPRS/3G modem is plugged in;
*) added simple/advanced mode to ppp client in WinBox;
*) added support for Huawei E1550 UMTS/HSDPA modem;
*) added support for Cricket Wireless A600 modem;
*) added support for yet another Globetrotter HSDPA modem;
*) added support for Sony-Ericson MD300 modem;
*) added support for ZTE MF626 & MF627 modems;

What's new in 3.25:

*) fixed problems with files under MetaROUTERs;
*) made WinBox work better on smaller screens;
*) made WinBox to not bring down BGP & OSPF when BGP window was opened;
*) WinBox menu is better organized, all sub-menus are sorted;
*) fixed WinBox problem - /128 IPv6 addresses could not be entered
where network address was expected;
*) added l2mtu interface parameter with ability to configure for
interfaces that support it;
*) RB1xx ether1 did not work properly in switch mode;
*) api - do not accept truncated property names;
*) api - closed sessions were not removed from the '/user active' list;
*) routing, routing-test - fixed a BGP crash;
*) routing-test - deleted routes were sometimes left displayed in Winbox;
*) routing-test - fixed BGP interoperability issue with old Ciscos;
*) routing-test - added remove-private-as BGP peer config option;
*) added few more variables to hotspot html pages:
bytes-total, bytes-total-nice, packets-total
*) bandwidth-test supports testing over multiple tcp connections (default 20);
*) graphing - HTML page refresh-interval configurable in console;
*) user manager - IP pool added to user batch-add form;

What's new in 3.24:

*) added ability to run non RouterOS in MetaROUTER;
*) improved address-list and layer7 firewall feature support for smp systems;
*) special-login items can now be disabled;
*) fixed special-login to update used-by property of port;
*) fixed USB UPS monitoring on RB433UAH;
*) console - 'print' command reuses assigned item numbers;
*) fixed issue with Cisco BGP VPLS when used between 2 RouterOS devices;
*) console - 'print' commands have new option 'follow-only' that continuously
shows changes like the 'follow' option, but does not print all items
at the beginning;
*) api - 'follow' and 'follow-only' options of 'print' commands now work,
'.dead' property is reported for deleted items;
*) api - 'listen' command now is alias for 'print' with 'follow-only'
opriont set;
*) api - several commands running in parallel could produce intermixed
output, fixed;
*) console and api - fixed problem that caused property values sometimes to
incorrectly have value '(unknown)', this could happen when running
several console or api commands at once;
*) fixed BGP VPLS crash when site-id > 15 used somewhere in network;
*) changed BGP AS path number output format to ASPLAIN;
*) console - new scheduler tasks use trimmed effective user permissions as the
default value of policy, previously default value was "read,write,test";
*) added ttl matcher to ipv4 firewall;
*) improved dns cache not to allow other RRs in statically configured domains;
*) fixed vlan on bonding;
*) fixed bonding modes balance-alb and balance-tlb;
*) added per-connection-classifier matcher to firewall;
*) fixed wireless Hw. Fragmentation Threshold in WinBox;
*) user manager - added option to specify custom Return URL
for Authorize.Net payments;
*) user manager - write logs to syslog topic manager,account;
*) routing-test - support for per-VRF BGP instance redistribute settings;
*) routing-test - speed up BGP route processing;
*) routing-test - added routing-table configuration to RIP;

What's new in 3.23:

*) added WakeOnLan tool
*) fixed installation on fresh disks or VMs;
*) add 802.1ad Service Tag support for VLAN;
*) wireless - fix for RTS/CTS when used together with dynamic ACK timeout;
*) serial ports are now grouped per USB device;
*) added gsm info command to ppp-client;
*) added URL support to fetch tool;
*) added dial-on-demand mode to PPTP & L2TP clients;
*) ssh - now non-interactive console commands can reference variables;
*) fixed TFTP server logging;
*) fixed problem - "/system upgrade" (autoupgrade) did not show proper package
architecture and was unable to fetch new packages;
*) fixed bug - hotspot 'walled garden ip' rules did not work on some boards
after reboot;
*) added '/interface print stats' command;
*) improved support for OSPF as PE-CE routing protocol;
*) added OSPF sham links;
*) fixed a bug in set-bgp-prepend-path routing filter;
*) fixed some MPLS TE reoptimize bugs;
*) added MPLS TE bandwidth management features;
*) netwatch - ignore items with interval 0s, this value was causing
netwatch to fail;
*) routing-test - added new type of gateway argument: ip address together with interface;
*) api - 'disabled' property was not available from api since 3.21, fixed;
*) api - added support for retrieving OID values;
*) api - removed special behaviour of 'find' command under API. Use
'print' command with queries instead of 'find'. This change fixes
scriptsss that are started from API and contain 'find' command.
*) console - removed support for octal numbers, now string of digits with
a leading zero is interpreted as decimal number;
*) console - added binary ~ operator that matches value against
POSIX extended regular expression;
*) console now accepts decimal numbers with k/K M G T P suffixes for
values of some properties;
*) console - fixed export problems:
if long line is wrapped just before space charater, the space character
has to be escaped, otherwise it is lost;
errors during export generated a comment line that was incorrectly enclosed
in quotes;
*) console - added binary ~ operator that matches value against
POSIX extended regular expression;
*) scheduler - added owner and policy properties; all existing
scheduler entries will get owner name "*sched" and policy
*) routing-test - allow to specify that route gateway is in the main routing table;
*) added route cache statistics;
*) fixed mesh protocol;
*) graphing - fixed IP address mask display issue for low endian architectures;

What's new in 3.22:

*) added advanced switch features for RB450G;
*) added support for MetaROUTER on RB450G;
*) added support for adding physical interfaces to Metarouters;
*) added set-bgp-prepend-path action to routing filters;
*) added WinBox OSPFv3 support to routing-test package;
*) added WinBox IPv6 routes support to routing-test package;
*) console - added 'hide-sensitive' option to the export command;
*) user manager - fixed customer remove interface bug;
*) fixed Cisco BGP VPLS autodiscovery in mpls-test package;
*) fixed LDP to not disconnect on unknown capabilities of remote
peer (should help establish LDP session with Junos);
*) fixed ethernet port name reordering on RB493;
*) bonding mode balance-alb now works on RB1xx, RB4xx, RB616, RB600, RB750,
*) added '/interface ethernet print stats' command for RB450G and RB750;
*) fixed CSPF in routing-test to properly interpret link bandwidth;
*) added support for C-motech CNU-680 CDMA 1x EV-DO 450Mhz USB Modem;

What's new in 3.21:

*) backported MetaROUTER support for RB4xx from v4;
*) added WinBox MPLS & VPLS support mpls-test package;
*) added WinBox BGP support to routing-test package;
*) api - added query support for 'print' command;
*) added support for bsd-syslog;
*) added TFTP server;
*) added authorization and TLS support to email tool;
*) added pppoe-scanner;
*) added tftp protocol support to fetch tool;
*) fixed ipsec policy priority to work as documented;
*) fixed BGP route selection in routing package;
*) allow to use IPsec aggressive mode with pre-shared keys;
*) fixed some problems in mesh protocol;
*) fixed https proxying with parent proxy;
*) fixed Prism shared IRQ issue;
*) fixed multiple MPLS/VPLS bugs in mpls-test;
*) fixed boot problems on some RB1000s;
*) added /interface mesh traceroute command;
*) fixed web proxy source address selection;
*) fixed pcq queue - pcq sometimes could get through more traffic
than specified in max-limit;

What's new in 3.20:

*) added support for IPsec hardware acceleration on RB1000,
increases IPsec SHA1-3DES encryption from 45Mbps to 500Mbps
and SHA1-AES from 79Mbps to 500Mbps;
*) fixed IPv6 on RB1xx and RB5xx;
*) added support for ZTE MY 39, CDMA EVDO USB card;
*) added clear-df action to firewall;
*) fixed bug - sometimes netinstall could fail to install RouterBOARD
with "ERROR: could not format partitions";
*) fixed PCQ bug - pcq-rate < 70000 did not work correctly (broken in 3.17);
*) added radius-mac-format setting in hotspot server profile;
*) allow to use ip firewall for encapsulated PPPoE packets;
*) graphing - fixed 10Gbit card bug;

What's new in 3.19:

*) fixed problem - web proxy used up all router memory
if unlimited ram caching was enabled;
*) fixed problem - some log topics got swapped in configuration;
*) reduced maximum supported memory for RB1000 to 1.5Gb (was 1.75Gb);
*) interface mesh was not working in 3.18, fixed;
*) fixed Prism crash;
*) fixed VPLS interface related crash in mpls-test;
*) allow to enter range in BGP instance confederation peers;
*) console - fixed '/system backup save' command, name argument is
optional, and backup file name is automatically generated if empty;
*) sped up IPv6 forwarding on RB4xx, RB1xx and RB5xx;
*) fixed BGP route selection in routing-test;
*) fixed dhcp server to update agent-circuit-id and agent-remote-id for lease
whenever it changes;

What's new in 3.18:

*) IPv6 address auto-configuration: added recursive DNS server option;
*) fixed problem - sometimes firewall did not work after reboot on RB1xx;
*) do not send IPv6 packets over PPTP, L2TP or PPPoE - could confuse some
servers or clients;
*) allow queues to have all traffic, not only ip (for example vpn);
*) added ability to specify dns name in bandwidth test in WinBox;
*) fixed problem - sometimes RB1xx (and RB4xx) could not start up or startup was very long;
*) improved ipv6 sniffing;
*) improve torch and sniffer behavior under high load;
*) improved queue statistics;
*) fix xen make-routeros-image command;
*) fix potential wireless crash under load when negotiating encryption;
*) fix several MPLS issues in mpls-test;
*) fixed support for Novatel Wireless Ovation MC950D HSUPA;
*) fixed some bugs in routing-test OSPF;
*) added support for D-Link DUB-E100 USB Ethernet adapter;
*) fixed user-manager database rebuild command to succeed in case of
malformed database disk image;
*) sms - added descriptssions for error codes;
*) sms - added automatic 'smsc' (service centre address) value detection,
to work around first time error when sending SMS without specifying
an 'smsc' value;
*) fixed - during uptime 4:20 .. 5:00 interface traffic (byte and packet
count) was being reported 100 times larger than the actual value;
*) provide L2TP server address in Called-Station-Id when doing authentication over RADIUS;
*) added support for Sierra Wireless MC8790;
*) recalibrated noise floor adjustment for R5H;
*) updated drivers & kernel - fixed fast clock issue on x86;

What's new in 3.17:

*) added support for Intel 10Gb PCI Express driver;
*) made Huawei E220 USB modem work again;
*) added support for Novatel Wireless Ovation MC950D HSUPA;
*) fixed PCQ fairness when pcq-total-limit is reached;
*) fixed fetch tool to work when dst-path is not specified (broken in 3.16);
*) fetch tool - added keep-result command line argument;
*) allow to specify routing-table for ping, trace-route, and telnet;
*) fixed an IPsec bug;
*) fixed /ip firewall address-list;
*) added propagate-ttl option for MPLS;
*) fix very long wireless scan-list issues;
*) fixed problem - sometimes PCQ could stop data pass-through if pcq-rate was set;
*) fixed problem - L2TP could stop working when one of clients stopped responding
at wrong time;
*) fixed problem - reduced size of supout.rif files;
*) graphing - support for 10 Gbit interfaces;
*) routing-test - added support for multi-instance OSPF;
*) user manager - fixed bug for PayPal payments with long parameter list;
*) user manager - database load command supports external storage
for temporary files;
*) user manager - added support for all UTC time-zone offsets,
including +5:30, +5:45, etc.;

What's new in 3.16:

*) added support for IGMP proxy;
*) improved Nstreme polling in wireless-test;
*) routing-test - routing filters now use regular expressions
to match BGP AS_PATH; use '_' (underscore) to match any of:
comma, space, beginning of line, end of line, parentheses, braces;
*) make secondary disk contents visible under /file;
*) console - allow use of '/' and '.' characters in backup, export
and print output file names;
*) fixed bug - hotspot universal client did not work for clients
with IP address ending with 127 or with 224-239;
*) fixed problem - x86 clock was 10 times faster then it should be on some boards;
*) fixed kernel panic on RB1000;
*) console - fixed wrapping of long lines in GNOME Terminal;
*) console - autodetect Mac OS X Leopard Terminal.app, fixes condition
when only the bottom line of the terminal was used;
*) console - 'find' commands could not match some properties, like
'routing-mark' of the '/ip route find' command. Fixed;

What's new in 3.15:

*) added workaround for non-standards compliant CPE with timestamp issue;
*) added ability to manage multiple disks & stores under /store;
*) added support for storing user-manager database on secondary media via /store;
*) /store should be used to set up secondary disk as web proxy cache;
*) added support for Mesh in WinBox;
*) fixed client roaming in mesh protocol;
*) fixed bug in MME routing protocol:
routes sometimes were lost from routing table;
*) fixed some bugs in routing-test;
*) fixed traffic forwarding when VRF (virtual routing and forwarding) is used;
*) fixed problem - USB did not work on Geode LX boards;
*) fixed problem - farsync cards did not negotiate links;
*) added support for Novatel EU870D;
*) added support for Intel 82575EB & 8257GB gigabit ethernet PCI-Express cards;
*) removed support for all synchronous cards but farsync;
*) graphing - all target (source) addresses displayed in queue statistics page;
*) bridge firewall broute table is removed - it did not work as expected anyway;
*) ingress-priority matcher added to bridge firewall
*) fixed use-dns property of console traceroute command, default now is
*) updated UK 5.8 FIXED regulatory domain info;
*) /system ssh now by default uses name of logged in user instead of "admin";
*) fixed support for some microSD cards on RB400;
*) include Relay-Session-ID in packets sent by PPPoE client if required;
*) added ability to specify src. address for radius client;
*) dns cache - improved static entry behavior;
*) fixed dial-on-demand on ppp interfaces;

What's new in 3.14:

*) fixed '/xen console' command;
*) fixed problem - queue bursts did not work;
*) added support for OSPF NSSA in routing-test;

What's new in 3.14rc1:

*) updated drivers, some of the changes:
synchronous cards should work in frame relay mode;
SIP connection tracking is more standards conformant;
valid TCP connection packets will not be marked as invalid;
*) mlppp - fixed problem when small packets could not be transmited
while more than 2 links were active;
*) bgp - fixed attribute flags checking;
*) fixed dhcp client - routes were not added back after lease expires
and then is acquired again;
*) fixed handling of multiple identical address-list entries
*) ospf could become unresponsive in some situations, fixed;
*) winbox - fixed problem: when moving multiple items at once,
correct order was not maintained;
*) fixed automatic fan control on RB600;
*) added ipv6 firewall address-list;
*) fixed some bugs in mesh protocol driver;
*) fetch tool - added basic HTTP authentication;
*) 6to4 tunnel - allow to specify remote address;

What's new in 3.13:

*) hotspot - fixed dst-nat for SMTP (broken in 3.11);
*) dhcp client - added support for DHCP option 121 (classless route);
*) fixed simple queues - changing simple queues could lock up i386 routers
*) routing-test - added support for multiple recursive nexthops;
*) routing-test - fixed BGP AS number byteorder, broken in 3.12;

What's new in 3.12:

*) fixed problem - static queues on PPPoE, PPTP, L2TP interfaces became invalid
on client reconnect;
*) changed behaviour of simple queues - queues with no limit and type default-small
and no children actually do not get installed, as if there was no queue;
*) console - allow "{}" array syntax only for some command arguments, as it
does not make sense in most cases and interferes with the existing
scriptsss. Now "/system scriptss add source={....}" works as it did
before 3.11;
*) graphing - fixed crash when dynamic interfaces/queues disappear;
*) fixed IPv6 address auto-configuration on routerboards;
*) added support for OSPFv3;
*) improved PCQ queueing algorithm;
*) dhcp server - pass Agent-Remote-Id and Agent-Circuit-Id to Radius server;
*) user manager - option to use test gateway for Authorize.Net payments;
*) fixed bug - web server could lock up at startup
(no access to hotspot login page after that);
*) routing-test - added support for 4-octet BGP AS numbers;
*) routing-test - added default-originate feature for BGP peers;
*) routing-test - added IPv6 BGP networks and aggregates;

What's new in 3.11:

*) fixed bug - in some cases web proxy https with parent-proxy did not work;
*) added default-route-distance setting for DHCP client;
*) mesh protocol - bridge interface in a mesh did not work well, fixed;
*) multicast - fixed bootstrap router (BSR) mechanism;
*) user manager - users can now be redirected to HotSpot login page after
PayPal payment;
*) added ability to dst. nat only address or port, not both at the same time;
*) ospf - fixed default route;
*) ipsec - fixed tunnel mode with dynamically generated policy;
*) port remote-access - fixed allowed-addresses check;
*) ethernet half duplex modes on rb400 series work now;
*) console - fixed entering of IPv6 prefixes;
*) console - fixed crash on window size change;
*) console - bit operations (& ^ | << >>) now work with numbers, too;
*) console - brace syntax for array declarations ( { value ; value ; value } )
now can be used also where () expressions can be used, previously
worked only inside the expressions. Example:
:foreach i in {1;2;3;4} do={:put $i}
*) console - inside expressions ',' operator can be used to concatenate arrays,
unlike '.' which works with strings. Arguments that are not arrays are
treated like arrays with single element. Example:
{1,2,3;4,5,6;7,8,9} produces value {{1;2;3};{4;5;6};{7;8;9}}
(1,{2},{{3;4}},5,{},{6,7},8) produces value {1;2;{3;4};5;{6;7},8}
*) console - 'move' commands no allow list of source items to be empty and
to contain duplicate items. The porpose is to simplify scriptsss that use
'find' commands to move items. Example:
move ([find dynamic],[find inactive]) - moves all 'dynamic' and
'inactive' items to the end of the list, does not raise error if
any item is both 'dynamic' and 'inactive', or if there are no items;
*) console - 'move' command does not update item numbers anymore;
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19 Posts

Posted - 10/12/2009 :  11:24:09  Show Profile
He copiado el fichero con el winbox y después en la consola de comandos he ejecutado un upgrade en /system routerboard para actualizar el firm. Pero al reiniciarlo me ha desaparecido el menu de wireless, junto con la interface wireless y no veo que pueda añadirla de ninguna manera. ¿Que puede haber pasado?
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Posted - 10/12/2009 :  11:28:27  Show Profile
sysstem routerboard upgrade simplemente hace un upgrade de la bios no de la firmware. Controlo que tiene el paquete wireless en system packages.
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